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Dear business owner,

Are you struggling to navigate the digital marketing world?

Posting, advertising, optimising, researching, hiring—All this effort, but you still can’t find the strategy that fills your inbox and books your calendar for months.

Every “new” approach ends in confusion and disappointment, and you don’t have time to chase marketing fads. 

You’re busy running your business – Stressed, tired, and overworked, constantly thinking about keeping new clients coming in.

All you need is a solution that solves your marketing problem for good. 

Because once you do, everything changes—you can hire, scale, grow, automate, and succeed.

But you’re here because your marketing isn’t working the way you need it to. 

Or your business is thriving, and you simply want more—more time, more money, more freedom.

Whatever your direction, I’ve helped businesses like yours achieve their goals through winning digital marketing frameworks.

Small Businesses Finding Clear Results

Meet some of the exceptional businesses I’ve partnered with…

Working alongside Finn is a breeze - seriously, what a legend. He is kind, creative and delivers results. Would recommend his services for those looking to up their marketing game.
Tom Hollow
Owner | Hollow & Co
I'd previously worked with marketing agencies, only to find their service a little unsatisfactory and with little to show for the money I'd spent. Since I started working with Finn, I've seen leads leads leads! The phone won't stop ringing!
Leo Close
Director | Close Consulting
We have seen a big increase in qualified leads and website traffic since we started working with CB Digital. Finn helped us with our SEO and improving our website which hadn’t been updated in years.
Brahmy Multisanti
Owner | Expert Elite


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Designed For Growth

1000+ Hours Perfecting Digital Marketing Systems

With over 1,000 hours of testing, refining, and systemizing, my team has developed high-growth marketing blueprints for small businesses.

These strategies are straightforward, clear, and cost-effective.

They’re used by successful businesses crushing it online.

Because the difference between a good business and a great one is simply knowledge.

And knowing the difference between a world-class strategy and a gimmick is priceless.

But you can’t do it alone. Without a trusted marketing partner, you risk making costly mistakes that can kill your business.

So I’ve done the groundwork for you. 

And I’m excited to share everything I know to help your business find marketing success.

Years of experience, now yours

Meet Your Marketing Insider

My name’s Finn.

I spent years working in marketing agencies and in-house for multi-million-dollar brands.

I honed my knowledge, refined strategies and developed a blueprint which ROI oriented businesses love.

Now I own a digital marketing consultancy that helps businesses make more money online.

We’ve consistently generated over $1 million in revenue across 27 different niches with 96% of my clients achieving ROI in less than 30 days.

Finn Christensen | CB Digital Founder & Digital Marketing Consultant

Get Your Free Digital Marketing Playbook

Discover the inside secrets that the marketing industry won’t reveal.

These strategies aren’t complicated. They aren’t confusing. And they aren’t expensive.

But they will help you create the business of your dreams.

What you’ll learn in this report:

The Next Era Of Digital Marketing

If past experiences with agencies or gurus have left you sceptical, I understand. 

But this isn’t more of the same smoke and mirrors. 

Our approach to digital marketing is fresh, transparent, and truly different.

CB Digital

Marketing Agency

How It All Works...

Submit a strategy session request. I’ll give you a short phone call and we can discuss your business and goals to see if we’re a good fit.

I’ll review your online presence and we can deep dive into your long term business objectives and marketing roadblocks. 

You’ll receive practical insights, guidance and quick wins for immediate results.

After our strategy session, we can decide on a plan that matches your budget and goals.

Once your plan is in place, we get to work.

Me and my team will handle all the implementation so you don’t have to worry about it.

After initial implementation, we continue to refine and optimise.

Monthly reporting, check-in calls and priority email support will keep you updated at all times.

Strategies Trusted By...

Your Questions Answered

Within the world of marketing, there’s different phrases and titles to describe marketing service providers.

Now it’s easy to focus on names, but what’s more important is skill set and service style.

Typically, a digital marketing consultant will have a broad understanding of the different digital marketing functions and how they interconnect. 

This could include SEO, email marketing, CRO, website design, paid advertising and funnel creation.

But usually, they will have a core skill set of 1 – 3 of these skills which they are really good at.

They’ve usually worked at agencies and in-house for businesses. This means they’ve gained insight from working with many businesses, but also understand the importance of having an in-depth understanding of a single business.

Typically the service they provide is personalised, direct and boutique. They have fewer clients which means you get quality customer service, more attention and you deal directly with the digital marketing consultant.

On the other hand, a marketing agency usually has many staff members and different departments for different services.

The client management is done by an account manager who typically has basic digital marketing knowledge and does not implement the strategies themselves.

They communicate between the clients and the internal teams who provide the services.

Because there are many points of contact, things can often get missed or left behind.

There can also be a disconnect between the various departments offering the individual services, as none of them have directly communicated with the client.

CB Digital is a digital marketing consultancy with a small team and a primary digital marketing consultant – Finn.

You work directly with Finn on everything from strategy to reporting, and he works with his team to implement your digital marketing functions.

This means you get the benefit of working with a single consultant, while also accessing the knowledge of a handful of digital marketing specialists.

Our team includes web & graphic designers, copywriters and ad specialists.

With stricter advertising policies, platform bans on the rise and online reputation being essential for all businesses, ethical marketing is vital in 2024.

I ensure that all my marketing practices follow the ACCC guidelines.

I’d never risk your business’s reputation, or my own for that matter by engaging in black hat marketing.

Nor do I need to, as my strategies deliver and are completely compliant with Australian law.

A digital marketing consultant can help businesses based in Melbourne and Australia improve their digital marketing function and create systems that increase their bottom line.

They can help you 

  • Get more customers or clients
  • Charge more for your services
  • Improve your overall brand appearance
  • Grow and scale
  • Implement business-specific marketing strategies

Get A Personal Marketing Blueprint Valued At $1000+

Claim Your High Growth Digital Strategy Session

The Service Business Digital Marketing Playbook

Five winning strategies that agencies don’t want you to know…

Get A Personal Marketing Blueprint Valued At $1000+

Claim Your High Growth Digital Strategy Session